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Bed Bug Information

Bed bugs, the most primal of insects, are nothing but parasites.

For the most part, they survive on blood-human blood, and they can be found around the globe, in all climates.

Typically, bed bugs are thought of as night creatures, but there is a minor misconception. At midnight, the night feeders feast, since this is the hour that their unsuspecting hosts are inclined to fall asleep. Blood – your blood – is readily available at this moment. While during daytime, they can be noted, usually if there is a wide population of them altogether. Without the aid of special equipment, they can simply be found.Learn more about them at A1 Bed Bug Exterminator Tampa – Tampa bed bug removal.

In the early hours of dawn, these leeches are expected to have the most life and movement. They will attack their victims from all sides, fall from the ceiling, wait patiently on the sheets, and crawl from the tapestries.

The equipment they use when it comes to eating is very impressive. A special anticoagulant is used by bed bugs so that the body does not clot the blood, thereby terminating their meal. A numbing agent is sometimes used, so that the victim stays unaware of the bite.

The meal lasts about 5-7 minutes, after which the bed bugs hide away to digest their food.

It is a very time-consuming process to remove bed bugs, and it involves not only destroying the adults, but also the larvae.

Most of the time people want to call experts, specialists who know how to effectively and efficiently solve an infestation. This is by far the best way, particularly in extensive infestations, to address this issue.

If you consider something second hand, whether it be furniture, decorations or clothing, cleaning the objects and carefully examining them will help avoid an infestation before they take root.

For those of you living in a multi-occupant area, such as apartments and condos, be warned that if the entire building has not been handled by the exterminator, it is very possible that future issues may occur. For those of you who are considering renting a specific location, do not be afraid to ask the landlord if bed bug problems have occurred. Also, find out what the policy of landlords is in the event that bed bugs become a concern.