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Business Networking To Grow Your Pet Business

Pursuing relationships with the owners of your local pet business will bring you cross-referral opportunities and allow you to provide extra convenience to your customers.

Last week when I interviewed Joseph Giannini of Chicago-based Urban Outsitters, I discovered that his mission is to meet the full spectrum of pet care needs of his clients.You may want to check out Local Business Spotlight for more.

He has expanded his business from a pet sitting and dog walking service to a company providing grooming, boarding, and day care in the last 4 years. He also has retail stores at his boarding and day care sites that sell pet food and accessories. He also plans to add veterinary facilities in the coming year. Joseph’s business model is however, fairly uncommon in the pet industry. Many pet care companies concentrate on delivering one service to clients, or two or three free services at most. These companies can offer more value and convenience to consumers by forming alliances with other local providers of pet care. Here are a few strategies that you can use to make the most of working with pet companies that are not competitive:

Build prospects for cross-promotion that are win-win.

For and of your facilities, arrange an exchange of discount coupons that can be given as appreciation gifts to your current customers. Make customers feel special by printing on the bottom of each of your coupons “Exclusive offer for clients of XYZ pet services” To plan group activities, team up.

A perfect way to get media attention and give back to local causes is to plan local events. They need a significant amount of work to plan and operate, however. Why not team up with other local pet businesses and share the job and advertisement. Co-op Publicity.

Advertising in magazines and direct mailings of coupons is usually costly. If you want access to these markets, but can not justify the cost, why not break the ad size and share an ad with another local pet company? The cost of the ad can be divided and both hit the market you want to target.