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Cremation Services: A Comparative Guide

Either a funeral home or crematory offers cremation services which requires all the different information and costs associated with memorializing a loved one. Knowing what to expect and what to ask at a funeral home or crematory is not generally common knowledge during a time of grief. Keep some of the following tips in mind when you embark on this daunting process, whether you wish to have simple or complicated cremation arrangements.
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The News about Cremation Facilities (Good and Bad)
The bad news is that, sadly, some funeral homes are notorious for over-charging their customers. The good news is that all funeral homes are allowed legally to send you a general price list so that you can see the cost of each line item. This will assist you in deciding all the fees associated with a cremation.
Types of charges associated with services for cremation
While, depending on your venue, budget and expectations, the final list of cremation costs can vary, the following is a guide to some of the costs you can expect to see. Be sure to ask which services are needed to satisfy your wishes; services are often “included” but not completely necessary in the pricing. For example, many funeral homes will facilitate embalming although in many states and situations, it is not necessary or necessary.
Funeral home/crematory expenses- A casket is pricey, even for cremation (in which the body is placed when it is cremated). There are costs associated with these choices if you want to store the remains in a columbarium or bury the urn in a plot. Funeral homes may also have expenses associated with the relocation of the body, remembrance or funeral services and/or cremated remains.
Cremation urn costs-While cremation is considered one of the most inexpensive end-of-life options, it can range from $100 to $3,000 and more for the cremation urn itself. The choice of urn will be dictated by the type of urn you choose to use to memorialize your loved one, so this price is likely to be the most variable factor in the cremation services.
“Disbursement” expenses – These payments include the money charged to third-party suppliers by a funeral home or crematory for items such as death certificates, obituary notices, memorial service flowers, clergy gratuities, etc.