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Enjoy The Great American Road Trip

The idea of the great road trip to America is etched into popular mythology. It conjures romantic thoughts of open roads extending into epic deserts, Route 66, Kerouac, vast expanses of cactus-studded desert, Easy Rider… I’m not going to press on – you’ve watched enough movies and read enough books. It will always be the case that the only genuinely suitable way to see America is on the lane, the only way to see America. check this link right here now

For those embarking on such a journey, the only problem is where to go – there are so many interesting routes through a landscape so diverse that in fact, you will still end up wondering if you have missed some incredible sight or experience. The best policy, or at least the most exciting, may simply not be to plan – embrace the open road spirit and see where it takes you. What follows then, while it barely scratches the surface, of course, is a rough guide to a few routes that we believe deserve consideration for any itinerary of an American road trip.

The Track of the Appalachians

The Appalachian Trail is an unbeatably diverse, sometimes stunning tour through the heart of Eastern America, extending from the rugged mountainous landscapes of New Hampshire, skirting past the fringes of metropolitan New York and Washington, through the magnificent, historically rich Shenandoah National Park and Blue Ridge Parkway right down into Georgia and the heart of the South.

The 66 Road

Taking Route 66, the quintessential American road ride, really reflects a journey through American history. There is of course, a degree to which the modern experience of Route 66 has become a concept of hype and commercially driven mythologization, but hey, what could be more American than that! ‘

The famed path cuts a diagonal swathe across 2000 miles of America from Chicago to LA, taking in plenty of iconic scenery along the way, famously named “The mother road” by John Steinbeck. Vintage motels, restaurants, and gas stations all represent a romanticised view of America that everyone has become familiar with.

“Historic Route 66″Historic Route 66. Despite the fact that much of it remains and is actually very well-preserved in areas, it is no longer possible to travel the entire original route. There are still few better ways than taking in a stretch of The Main Street of America’ to interact with an almost mystical sense of American national identity.

The Highway on the Pacific Coast

There is no better way to experience the Pacific coast’s diverse beauty than by travelling along the Highway 1 coastal road. Start off in Santa Barbara’s archetypal Southern California of pristine sandy beaches and wind your way up to the rough, bracing Pacific Northwest coastline. This is the kind of coastal drive that from endless car commercials seems familiar – precarious, twisting roads cut into the sides of the Cliff overlooking the vast Pacific Ocean.