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Faxing – How It Can Save You Time And Money

For any individual or business owner, any program or service which can save you both time and money, is a no-brainer. You simply can’t afford not to use it if you want to keep up with your competition. Online fax is such a program or service, you must have it if you want to truly compete in these uncertain economic times.

How does using an online fax service save time?

Actually, in a lot of ways. First, it has been estimated that sending a traditional fax via the old fax machine takes around 10 minutes. This is considering the time it takes to walk to the machine and back, setting up the machine, preparation of cover letter and sending the fax. We will disregard any socializing with co-workers along the way to the fax machine or while you’re there sending your fax.

Compare this conventional method with Internet or online fax where sending your fax is much the same as sending an email. How long does it take you to send an email? Granted, you might have to take the time to do a cover letter but using online fax is quick and simple. Perhaps, more importantly, you don’t have to go anywhere since you can send your fax directly from your desktop. Access is immediate and at your fingertips and you can send your fax via your current email system.

This is only the most obvious way web faxing can save you time, but in actual use, online fax can save you or your company much more valuable time. How? Mainly, it has to do with the handling, sorting, filing and storage of your online faxes, which are in digital form. All you faxes can be easily filed and stored on your computer and/or online in your account. Whenever you want to retrieve a fax, it is only a matter of a few clicks of the mouse, no matter if you received this fax yesterday or six months ago. This can be a great time saver for anyone, all your faxes are available anywhere and at any time. In addition, with online faxing you can simply import your contact lists and broadcast your fax to thousands of clients at once. This will definitely save you more time.

How does using an online fax service save money?

Online fax is much cheaper than conventional faxing for many reasons. First, you don’t need to purchase or have a fax machine running 24/7, burning up energy and money. Since everything is done through your email system and your web connection, this is paperless faxing. You don’t need to buy any papers, inks, toners and you don’t need to have a dedicated fax phone line which can definitely save you money.

Furthermore, web fax services are very inexpensive, you can even get a “pay-as-you-go-plan” so your costs will be at a minimum. You can even get a yearly plan and save more money. On average, these services cost around $8 to $10 per month, but there are some good, reliable fax providers which charge much less – so it pays to shop around.

Those are the obvious money saving features, but using Internet fax can also save you money in another indirect way. As you probably know, junk faxes can tie up your machine and waste valuable resources in the process. However, with online faxing, since it is an email process, you can easily block junk faxes from ever reaching you or your company. This will save you both time and money.