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How To Unclog Downspouts

Most home owners understand that to maintain their home, annual roof, gutter and downspout cleaning is required. Gutter cleaning is particularly important because it can quickly cause problems with a single clogged downspout. Water continues to back up when a downspout gets clogged, causing gutters to overflow. When this happens, the home starts to be affected by many problems. The first weight of water placed on the gutters will make them begin to bend or bow. Eventually, they will lose their original pitch so that water does not flow into the downspout anymore. Water may also revert to the roof, possibly causing damage to the roof. And eventually, water that has spilled through the sides of the gutters will inevitably damage the siding of your houses, walls, and even your home’s very base. Have a look at view the article for more info on this.

A common problem that can be remedied by following a few easy steps is clogged gutters. Knowing the right way to unclog a downspout will save you a lot of energy and time. It is very necessary to understand that debris that has blocked a downspout actually first visited the roof, then moved through the rain gutters and ultimately clogged the downspout. For this reason, it is strongly recommended that you first clean out both the roof and rain gutters before fixing any clogged downspout. The downspout should be the last cleaning to be carried out.

It can be an easy procedure to unclog a downspout or it can be a wrestling match. There are three common steps that will typically flush a downspout out and allow water to flow as expected. The first move is to insert the first few inches of a garden hose into the downspout’s upper mouth. A high pressure nozzle can help if you lack water pressure. Switch the full power of water on and wait for the clog to flush through. The water will always back up first, so be a little careful. If the downspout is not unclogged by this first step, it will need step two. Get a snake for the plumbers and feed it through the downspout from the mouth down. As older downspouts will often have rust areas that can weaken their strength, always be careful. Work the snake down through the elbows slowly and you will find the clog at some level. Return to phase one once more and use the garden hose to flush the downspout. The final move will be to uninstall the downspout and shake it free on level ground if the clog is serious and won’t allow water to flow. In the most extreme cases, step three is only needed. It is strongly recommended that a licensed and insured professional should conduct the following services, as roof and gutter cleaning can be hazardous.