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Jacuzzi Burlington – Reviews

Far Infrared enhances immunity-By inducing increased development of white blood cells through the bone marrow and killer T-cells through the thymus. This has been shown to improve the capacity of the body to resist bacteria, colds, flues, and other ailments. Learn more about Jacuzzi Burlington – Burlington infrared saunas.

The development of a “Artificial Fever” is another way in which Far Infrared Saunas have a beneficial effect on increasing your immunity. Fever is the body’s internal healing reaction. During a fever, the work of the immune system is naturally increased, while the growth of the virus and bacteria is slowed, weakening its grip. This helps fend off invading species from the body. In the early stages of a cold or flu, FIR heat therapy is believed to stop the illness until the symptoms arise. Many health professionals use FIR as a way to eliminate the body’s immune-killing toxins.

Cancer does not survive at temperatures above 42 degrees Celsius in an atmosphere of (107.6 degrees Fahrenheit). Far infrared heat, in addition to its detoxifying effects, actually helps to destroy cancer cells, enhance the efficacy of chemotherapy, and reduce the side effects of traditional therapies. At the same time, by increasing circulation, it improves the regenerative abilities of the body and reduces pain, which makes it useful in treating other conditions such as arthritis, poor circulation and gout. Neuralgia and irregular functioning of the nerves.