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Junk Removal – A Cost-Effective Dumpster Solution

It is very difficult to secure, quickly and cost-effectively clear rubble from tall structures and high-rise buildings. Although metal dumpsters can be ideal for removal on building sites of ground level debris, they are much too heavy, inefficient, and bulky to be hoisted on the rooftops, or to clear debris many floors above ground. Garbage Removal-H&J Long Island Junk Removal – Nassau is an excellent resource for this.

Using chutes to carry waste down to a dumpster is therefore not the optimal option with certain variables. Second, it is labour intensive to maintain chutes in good working order and needs regular maintenance due to the rubbing, ripping, and destruction that may inflict sharp objects and abrasive materials typically contained in manufacturing debris as they slip down to the fabric of the chute. In addition, dumping debris from a height into a chute releases tonnes of airborne spores, pollen and pollutants that may pose a major health danger to staff and the general public.

Fortunately, on the market are new unique debris collection dumpster bags that are ideally tailored to this role and are suitable for the building and roofing industries. These lightweight dumpster bags weigh less than 10 lbs and are around 36 “in width, length and height, respectively. They are frameless, self-standing and are so light and compact that they can be easily deployed by one person on any rooftop in less than five minutes, even on the highest building, unlike other flexible dumpsters and traditional metal containers on the market.”