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Know about Durian cakes

“Although with her declaration “Let them eat cake!” Marie Antoinette may have invited the wrath of the French peasants, cakes are an inseparable part of weddings. A cake is something that you can’t forget, be it a traditional wedding or a modern one. Originally a part of Roman wedding ceremonies, in the form of a loaf of barley bread broken over the head of the bride to be a sign of her fertility, the wedding cake had very humble beginnings. Today, this has grown into a sweet and beautiful looking candy that ushers a couple in the first moment of reconciliation as they cut their wedding cake and share it to show their devotion to each other and a sweet life they will lead ahead.Feel free to find more information at get the best durian cake in Singapore for your colleague’s birthday.

Do you really have to be an all white, stacked caked wedding cake with butter cream and icing oodles and sugary stuff that screams sweet? In marriage cakes, there are so many options that you no longer need to be plain vanilla. Besides vanilla and chocolate, there are so many flavours that you can choose from. In terms of flavours and looks, individuals experiment with their cakes. Why not go for a rum cake that looks like a sandy stretch if you are having a beach wedding and decorate it with fresh fruit like pineapple and cherries that will give it a tropical look. It is quick to transform a tiered cake into a multi-flavoured delight. For your personal preferences, a cake has to talk and jell with your personality.

But before you decide on anything else, the budget for the cake is what you need to focus on. It’s very quick to go over the cake’s budget and you’ll be shocked by how much you can spend on a wedding cake that will be lost if enough guests don’t participate. Usually, even after giving an RSVP, you’ll notice 15 percent of guests would opt out. For your wedding reception, your wedding cake should depend on the total budget. Don’t skimp because it should really be scrumptious for your wedding cake and cake designers are pricey to charge as much as $15.00 a piece of their lovely creations. Check with your designer or baker and take into account additional expenses such as pedestals, transport, accessories, etc. Don’t ignore the time frame you have to make and the deposit. Some bakers need to be informed for four to six weeks.

If you go cake hunting, before ordering from a specific baker, you need to sample the cake. Most bakers will show you their present creations and also give you a tour of their bakery to check the hygiene as well. Get a smaller cake that is just for the two of you and keep backups of sheet cakes of the same consistency in the kitchen and serve these to your guests if you really want to save money. Today, real crystals can be the glistening frosting you see on cakes. Yeah, there are genuine crystal cake toppers and even crystals on bendable wire stems that you might use to really make them shine and sparkle on your cakes.