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Know more about State Laws and Religious Exemptions

How can governments continue to support religions as worthwhile within our societies? Everyday brings more accusations and other things into the open. Scandals, criminals, and cover-up are now front and center in most institutions who claim to speak for God.Have a look at see here to get more info on this

While mainstream religions promote heaven and hell as eternal destinations they have no proof that such exist. In the Muslim faith young men are taught that by killing others they become martyrs and will have a great eternity in Paradise. My reincarnation proves that no such places exist and most people would possibly agree.

Governments play on the vulnerability of people to be controlled by religious domination. It teaches them to be compliant to the law and rule of law. While that maintains discipline in some societies it is beyond many to understand it, especially if they are from war-torn countries where crime and violence are all they know.

Until religions are banned and people educated into realistic scenarios the world will continue to decline. It is already pushed beyond recovery and yet those who maintain the prospect of a heavenly kingdom will do little to change their ways.

With pollution out of control and corruption overtaking governments and societies there is little chance of anyone in power seeking to change the status quo. Money has overridden common sense and the wealthy are now in control of the treasury in most cases. All that is left to do is to await the outcome of these times and see whether or not anyone survives.