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Mount Pleasant Regenerative Medicine – At a Glance

Regenerative Medicine is a highly effective and cutting-edge form of treatment. It involves the understanding of how the body functions, along with an understanding of the fundamental building blocks of life. Using advanced imaging technologies, regenerative medicine seeks to use the patient’s own cells to create new organs or even repair structural damage in the body. The goal of regenerative medicine is to replace or repair damaged or degenerated tissue so that the body can resume normal function. Regenerative Medicine has opened a whole new area of medical research and treatment.Feel free to find more information at Mount Pleasant regenerative medicine.

Patients in Medical Practice – Some of the greatest benefits of regenerative medicine therapies are found in patients who suffer from chronic diseases or conditions that cause the body to function below par. Heart disease is one such disease. As medical science continues to develop treatments for and find ways to avoid and eventually treat heart disease, patients suffering from various forms of heart disease can benefit from regenerative medicine therapies. Some of the most promising advances in this area of medical practice include the use of magnetic ribosilvators to stimulate the flow of blood and the use of gene therapy to treat severe heart disease and muscle disease. Researchers at the Scripps Clinic have even developed a way to use human stem cells to treat heart disease.

Implantable Electronics and Nanorhumers – Biomedical researchers are also exploring methods of cellular reprogramming using tissue-cultures and autologous fat transfers. In the field of implantable electronics, doctors can use fat and tissue clotted with cells from other parts of the body to treat burns, trauma and other issues that involve the loss or destruction of a major organ. In the case of Nanorhumers, these devices are made of living materials such as collagen or bovine serum, which are injected into burn wounds to help speed up the healing process. Since these technologies are still in development and further studies are needed to determine their long-term effects, both these therapies remain in the experimental stage.

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