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QC Kinetix Features

Is your knee pain the product of a car accident? – Sure, we all know that a direct blow can cause pain, but you may be shocked to learn that many knee pain issues are caused by one of two things:

Non-contact injuries

It just takes an awkward situation involving your knee to put your meniscus or ligaments in jeopardy. What exactly do we mean by this? – If you plant your foot while bending your leg to change course, for example, a knee injury is very likely. Regrettably, this is right. If you’re going at a quicker pace, such as when you’re competing in a sport, the situation becomes more complicated. – However, we have seen cases where people have slipped off a curb and tore their ACL! – Non-contact collisions can also result in meniscus and MCL fractures, which can result in a great deal of inside knee pain.Do you want to learn more? Visit QC Kinetix (Raleigh), Raleigh.

Wear and Tear

Knee pain may also be caused by overuse or arthritic deterioration. Knee pain can become more serious as we get older and our bodies do not react as well as they did in our younger years. If your cartilage deteriorates, for example, the position of your knee will change, resulting in pain on the inside of the knee. Osteoarthritis is frequently to blame.

Treatment Methods

Rest, ice, and elevation of the leg are three of the first and easiest things you can do following an injury to help relieve pain. This will aid in the reduction of swelling and discomfort. To some extent, this can help, but most people do not walk around with ice packs tapped to their knees, and rest is a luxury that not everyone can afford.

Knee braces that are well-made can also be very useful in these cases. A low-profile, light-weight knee brace can help relieve pain, provide meaningful support, and encourage healing. You may use them to protect the knee before, during, and after an accident or a sporting event.