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Realities about Dispensary

The issue of getting these services was that while some state governments have legalised the sale of medical marijuana to individuals carrying cards, marijuana has not been accepted by the federal government as a state problem. It remains illegal at the federal level, and banks are dependent on the FDIC to insure their account holders and are required to comply with numerous federal regulations. Click to know more about dispensary near me

There really isn’t a way to predict how the fight to fully legalise marijuana is going to go. Some cities that have already approved the sale of MMJ are trying to backtrack; others are trying to improve the availability and service. Historically, the best example of such a situation is the re-legalization of alcohol following prohibition. Sale-related crimes decreased dramatically. What makes it such a volatile topic about medical marijuana? Why are the same states that originally decriminalised the sale of cannabis to physicians now trying to impose so many restrictions on approved patients? There seems to be a constant dance between what is permitted and what is not, for supporters of full-scale legalisation and the companies that sell the product.

Nearly 800 storefronts opened up under the guise of becoming dispensaries after California decriminalised the sale of medical marijuana. The owners of 439 of them were told in May 2010 to close by June 7 in order to comply with the ordinances. The reasons for the closures were the distance from places where children congregate, such as schools and parks, as well as the registration deadlines that were exceeded. A citywide lottery for the remaining dispensaries was involved in the next step. Only collectives and dispensaries that have been in operation since Sept. 14, 2007 and that have retained at least one qualified original lottery owner. Since then, LA has informed the owners of 140 other stores that they must also close their doors, leaving 100 dispensaries for the town.


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