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Stucco Repair Tips

If your house has been recently damaged by storms or severe weather, you might be tempted to try to do your own stucco repair. Repairing damaged stucco siding isn’t at the top of anybody s house improvement wish list, but unfortunately, inaction isn’t a great choice when it comes to water intrusion. So as you start to research your many stucco repair choices, you should make sure that you truly understand the different between pre-fabricated stucco repairs and real-time stucco repairs. Do you want to learn more? Visit Stucco Repair.

Stucco repairs, also known as stucco remediation, is the process of repairing existing structural problems on a surface by applying advanced stucco materials. Although a lot of people are hesitant to undertake stucco repairs because they’re afraid they’ll end up looking “cheap,” rest assured that the quality of these repairs will be superior to pre-fabricated options. It’s important to realize that some older homes may have cracks or structural damage even though they’ve only been recently damaged by storms. In these cases, it’s best to contact a residential siding company that can provide professional stucco remediation. This type of repair is faster and often less expensive than traditional repairs, since it uses materials that are already on the property.

Stucco fixes aren’t just for old buildings-many homeowners choose to fix their own loose stucco. This requires purchasing high quality building paper and metal lath, then mixing and matching to create a durable repair job that looks just like new. However, before attempting this repair, you should inspect the wall to make sure there’s no loose stucco. If there are, simply purchase additional building paper and metal lath and mix them together to create a bond that’s as strong as the original coating.