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The Legacy That Pokemon Red Was

The TV animation series Pokemon has turned out to be a part of the lives of millions of children worldwide for as long as one can recall. Who does Ash Ketchum and his group of sweet little Pocket Monsters, Pikachu, Squirtle, Bulbasaur, and Charmander not bear in mind? From watching the series every night to the release of the Trading Card Game, we have seen the pattern. Young people attend meetings to “fight” their Pokemon, trading with some of the monsters they don’t have on their shelf. A few of the youngsters even find memorizing all 151 first-generation Pocket Monsters a good hobby. Do you want to learn more? Visit pokemon trading cards.

The release of the GameBoy Game: Pokemon Red was what brought about this worldwide movement. This version came alongside the Blue version, and both are GameFreak-developed and Nintendo-published role-playing games (or RPGs). Japan was the very first country where it was published, being the birthplace of the Pokemon series, followed shortly by the major continents: North America, Australia and Europe.

In the fictional Pallet Town in the Kanto area, the setting for the gameplay takes place. In the beginning, you will be invited by Professor Oak, who will give you a little background on the details of Pokemon. Then he will ask for your name; you will enter the desired name you want for your character using the controls. He would then introduce you to his grandson, saying that when you were little tykes, he was your rival; Professor Oak is ridiculously ignoring his own grandson’s name.

You’ll come across yourself in your character’s house after introductions are made, you’ll meet your aunt, who’ll tell you that Professor Oak is looking for you from next door. Nevertheless, Professor Oak is nowhere to be found after visiting random individuals and visiting his laboratory. You need to look for him around the city in this light. However, just as you may be leaving town, he’ll call you and take you back to his lab.

He’ll let you pick from among the Pokemon inside the laboratory that he has left. His grandson-your opponent-will take one Pokemon after you choose yours, too. You can find three types of Pokemon that you can choose from: Charmander fire-type, Squirtle water-type, and Bulbasaur seed-type. Whatever you select, your opponent will choose the 1 that will most likely beat yours: he will choose the Seed-type if you decide on Squirtle; he will choose the fire-type if you decide on Bulbasaur; and if you choose Charmander, he will take the Water-type. You’ll have to compete with your opponent to test your Pokemon before you leave the laboratory.