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Things To Know About Personal Injury Law

A personal injury lawyer is an attorney who offers legal representation to individuals who claim to have been personally injured, mentally or physically, due to the negligence of another individual, organization, business or government agency. Personal injury attorneys primarily practice in the field of law referred to as tort law. Tort law is the body of law that governs torts-actions by private parties for damages caused to others. Personal injury claims fall under this category where medical and property damage is claimed. The basis of these claims is that the other party was negligent and breached a promise of reimbursement or fair dealing. Learn more about Law Offices of Joan M Lauricella.

Personal injury attorneys work on a contingency basis, meaning that the client pays a percentage of any awarded judgment as part of the overall compensation. Most personal injury cases involve injuries that may include physical harm such as broken bones, sprained ankles, whiplash, and brain damage; emotional trauma such as stress and depression; or financial loss including medical bills, vehicle damage, and disability expenses. Personal injury law also covers workers’ compensation and other workers’ compensation claims. Personal injury law is a growing field with a strong emphasis on settling personal injury claims rather than going to court.

Personal injury claims can be filed in state courts or federal courts depending on the jurisdiction of the incident. Personal injury law is complex and it is advisable to seek the advice of a skilled attorney from an experienced personal injury law firm. Personal injury litigation is a complex field and requires a lawyer with extensive experience in personal injury litigation to successfully represent clients who feel they have suffered injuries as a result of another person, business or government negligence.