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Threading – Beauty Secrets From the East

Do your clients adore the look of a salon brow wax but despise the discomfort? Some people may be worried about the chemicals used in hot and cold waxes. There were few real alternatives to a salon wax until recently. Many Western salons are looking to their Eastern neighbours for ancient methods to add to their arsenal of beauty secrets, as modern Western medicine turns to herbal remedies and homoeopathy from the Far East.If you’re looking for more tips, threading has it for you.

Though its sources are a little obscure (ranging from Persia to India), threading is a more convenient alternative to waxing for some women (and men), with comparable precision and long-lasting results. Owing to the use of fine thread to produce an arch rather than the larger strips of flat fabric used in waxing, threading will achieve a higher degree of precision for brows than waxing.

The aesthetician twists a piece of thread, normally cotton, into a double strand while conducting this technique. The double strand is then “woven” into a hairline or rolled over the surface to gather hair and extract it from the root. Threading, unlike tweezing, removes an entire line of hair at a time. Unlike waxing, there are no chemicals used, resulting in a more natural, organic spa experience. After the treatment, many clients feel only mild redness. The effects last about three to four weeks.

Waxing may effectively remove hair and reshape the entire brow for up to several weeks, but it is painful and requires chemicals that can react with the skin. Tweezing a single hair at a time, on the other hand, avoids the use of chemicals but takes longer and sometimes only lasts two weeks before regrowth appears.