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Understanding Trauma therapy

Trauma therapy is really just a generic form of psychotherapy aimed at dealing with the mental and emotional consequences of trauma. In medical terms, a trauma-related event is one where a person experienced a painful life-threatening situation wherein their life was directly threatened, or in which another person saw their life being endangered. Seeing the death of a loved one can also trigger trauma related issues for vulnerable people. A traumatic incident can be anything from being severely abused as a child to witnessing a violent death at home or on the streets. Have a look at Trauma Therapy to get more info on this.
Trauma therapy can be applied to patients suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), major depressive episodes, anxiety disorders, and OCD. It has been proven that trauma therapy can be very effective at treating these types of conditions because it helps patients deal with the symptoms of their disorders rather than focusing on the disorder alone. Trauma therapy sessions can last anything from two to four hours and include the use of some physical traumas from patients past. The traumatic events that are most often used in trauma therapy are physical assaults, violent deaths, and vehicle accidents.
There are many different types of traumas that can be incorporated into a trauma therapy session. Common examples of these types of traumas include physical and sexual abuse, assault, natural or accidental death, or plane crashes. Each trauma can be tailored to fit the patient’s needs, resulting in different levels of comfort. Many therapists are now incorporating more organic and natural therapies into trauma-informed therapy so that patients are not completely dependent on the medication.