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What Does An Estate Planning Solicitor Do?

An estate is a legal term used to describe a person’s property that passes down from one generation to the next. While most people do not think too much about the process, estate planning actually has a lot to do with the way your property will be treated upon your passing. This process is overseen by an estate planner or attorney who is responsible for ensuring that your wishes are followed and your needs are met upon your passing. Have a look at Keystone Law Firm to get more info on this.
How Estate Planning Works. Estate planning is essentially the procedure of evaluating an estate when certain circumstances occur in life. For instance, you may have already taken all necessary steps to have your property protected in your will or living trust, but you may be unable to avoid a significant increase in the inheritance tax. An estate planning solicitor will work closely with you to assess which options are best for protecting your inheritance and your financial interests. Once this is determined, they will work with you to establish a durable power of attorney so that you will still be able to make important financial decisions for your loved ones in the future.
How to Choose an Estate Planning Solicitor. It is vital that you work closely with an estate planning solicitor who is able to help you draft a durable power of attorney as well as review any relevant wills, trusts and investment plans. Your chosen solicitor should be able to answer any questions that you have regarding your legal interests and guide you through the process. In order to protect the interests of you and your family, solicitors are often called in to help manage the paperwork involved.