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About Oren Ross & Associates

How do you protect the assets you have accumulated and then dispose of them in accordance with your wishes? Setting up a living trust is one good choice. This legal agreement gives you the right to appoint, under fiduciary capacity, the person on whose behalf the title to the property is vested, with the state having no interest in it.
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Particularly when you become physically or legally incapable of managing the assets on your own, the appointment of such an individual called the trustee is important. While a living trust is more costly than the formation of a final will and testament, there are still some savings, provided that it will not be subject to probate proceedings and will not be subject to property taxes.

What is more, such a legal act is imbued with private characters, unlike wills that, when filed in court for probate, become part of the public records. But how can a living trust be set up?

The First Step

Understand the distinction between trusts that are ordinary and alive. A trust is a scheme in which you vest the right to manage your assets for the good of someone else, called the beneficiary, to another, called the trustee. Another difference is that a living trust is not equivalent to an ordinary trust because the former is made while you (the manufacturer) still lives, and at the same time gives you a degree of control over your property disposition. Many times, living trusts can not be reversed, which ensures that there is no way you can get it back once the property is placed under a trust. In knowing how to build a living trust, these distinctions are indispensable knowledge.

The Second Step

Know if your situation suits the living confidence. Assume that your property’s overall value is $200,000.00 or even higher, so you would have to be mindful of obligations such as estate taxes. If you have children from another union, the issue of how to set up a living trust becomes more difficult to untangle, because you want those children of yours to get part of your property too. You can contact a lawyer who is an authority on how to set up a living trust in that situation. The most important questions you need to ask your lawyers are as follows: can I deal with the requirements of a living trust, especially those relating to the documentation of all relevant incidents? Am I willing to grant the power to control my property to another person? For my case, is a last will and a testament better?

The Third Step

Consult with an attorney who is a specialist in estate administration, management, and disposal. In fact, at whatever angle you look at it, you would really need a lawyer in all matters concerning how to set up a living trust. This is particularly true when it comes to a living trust’s documents. For a list of good lawyers to deal with your problems, you can go to an established bar organisation in your area. Check for someone with whom you can connect all the secrets related to a living trust when you inquire for attorneys. Make sure that the terms and conditions of your lawyer-client partnership are put in writing by your lawyer.

The Fourth step

Avoid probate to the greatest degree possible. You would be able to preserve the privacy of your family, especially those related to your money, by doing so. You need to recognise at this juncture that a probate is a special judicial proceeding in which a deceased’s last will and will is subject to judicial review and approval, and payment of taxes and other obligations before the property is disposed of in compliance with the will. This is vital knowledge that you need to understand how to build a living trust.