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Advantages and Disadvantages of Shared Hosting-A Brief Preview

Shared web hosting basically draws together the fundamental concept of virtual private servers, which is otherwise generally referred to as shared hosting. In this case, the web host maintains the physical server and related hardware at their data center, with others sharing that server. This setup provides numerous advantages over dedicated web hosting. The main advantages and disadvantages come from the way each web host manages the use of resources on their server, check this link right here now.

One of the main advantages and disadvantages of shared hosting is that many other websites have to depend on that server as well. In the event of downtime or server issues, it would be difficult for users to access those sites. With shared hosting plans, a certain amount of downtime for every website is tolerated. Since the web hosts do not provide dedicated server resources for all the websites, some of them might face issues during peak periods or at any time, while other sites will experience no downtime at all. Another advantage of the shared hosting plans is that users who get to use more bandwidth will save some money.

However, one major drawback in shared hosting still remains that downtime for other websites still remains as a serious security one. Users are unable to edit or make changes to their websites in case of server crashes, whereas they would have been able to do that in dedicated server hosting plans. The security one faces in shared hosting remains the same compared to the security one faced in dedicated server hosting plans.