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All about Local Marketing Strategy For A Franchise

Local online marketing is one of the latest marketing strategies. It is raging like a storm on the websites. Let us take a look at three easy local marketing strategies:

The strategies:

• Optimize your website if you want fast results: see to it that the purpose of marketing your website gets fulfilled. All your efforts would go to waste if people come to your website and leave in a short while. You must ensure that your website captures enough information from those who have an interest in your business. This will help you to earn their trust confidence and if they might think of doing business with you in future. If you want to know more just read here

Ask for people’s email address and their contact numbers when they visit you. They will be keen to drop their numbers and their e mail address only when you offer something very interesting and they feel that it is important to do so. You can offer them anything which they will find of utility. You can give then an e book on tips that they will need. You can also offer them a video which shows how to fix something etc. your efforts will be rewarded by their repeated visits.

You have to mention this free offer very vividly right at the cover page of your web site. For best effects you can place the offer in the right hand corner. Do not let unnecessary and unwanted links scattered everywhere. It really distracts the visitor and he loses interest in the thing.

• Try to make the website search engine friendly:

The search engine must have enough information regarding what your website is about. This process is known as search engine optimization. The procedure is quite simple and straight.

You must make sure of a few things. The main keywords should be placed in the title, the meta tags, headline, and in the website copy. Your contact page should have all the information regarding who to contact for further information. Thus the search engine will know very well about the purpose of your website and about its location.

Whenever the search engine understands that any individual is seeking what you have to offer, the search engine will send that person to your website. This not only means traffic, it also signifies real business.

• Submit your business online and also your website online:

This is the next vital step in local online marketing. You must tell the world enough about your website and your business online. Get your business listed on the Google map. Look up the online directories and check if your business is listed there. Other than this also consider getting listed on the yellow pages. They are also a good option.

Take full advantage of the social networking sites like face book, orkut and twitter. They are great platforms for local internet marketing. Promote them as much as you can on these websites and they will generate you a lot of traffic and even business.