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Chiropractor – Chiropractic Care and Skiing

Before going out skiing, most chiropractors suggest that you at least work out and get your muscles and body more toned. Work out for two to three days per week for about half an hour before the ski season hits. You’ll be healthier and more prepared for the extreme physical activity that skiing throws at you if you do so.Do you want to learn more? Visit Seattle Chiropractors.

Bear in mind that a tune up may also be required for your equipment. Owing to defective or improperly fitted equipment, physicians and chiropractors find that many accidents take place, so make sure you tune up your gear and your body before you head out.

Chiropractors are well able to work with skiing accident prevention and to help you learn how to avoid accidents, but they are also specialists in coping with the injuries you can suffer, as well as the aches and pains that follow them. It is part of what chiropractors do to teach you how to avoid getting hurt, how to properly warm up the body for physical exercise, and how to correctly balance it to prevent undue stress and strain on the muscles.

Chiropractors are also making recommendations on injury prevention for skiers. They warn you not to ski beyond your capacity. This season, more than one new skier will be injured. The most common harm to inexperienced skiers is known as the thumb of the skier. Your chiropractor will warn you to try to stop cushioning your own fall with your hands in order to prevent this, and not to use the braces on your ski poles.

Your chiropractic team advises you to bundle up, rest well and make sure that when you head out to the slopes to enjoy the packed snow, you’re in good physical condition. Stop what you do, relax, and contact your nearest chiropractor if you’re suffering from neck, back, or arm pain, either before or after.