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Dermatology And Acne

The most likely reason people are searching for a dermatology office is to get treatment for either their acne or acne scarring. Research has shown that, at some stage in their lives, 85% of all individuals have acne. By the time children hit their mid-teens, 40% of teenagers have either had too extreme acne or acne scarring that needs a dermatologist to treat them. While some teenagers just need care for a few months, dermatological treatments will continue for years for some individuals.Do you want to learn more? Visit West Dermatology – La Jolla/UTC.

Dermatological Acne Therapies

Here are a few treatment methods that dermatologists use for those that are considering seeking support from a dermatologist in treating your acne or treating the acne of someone you love and want to know what kind of treatments might be in store for you or your loved one.

Education is one of the first choices for medication that you can expect when your acne is treated. Some of the causes of acne can be discussed by your dermatologist, how to better care for your skin to avoid breakouts and scarring and maybe even ask you to keep a record of when breakouts occur. He or she can also prescribe diet or lifestyle adjustments to help minimize the risk of potential breakouts.

In order to help reduce bacteria, help unplug pores and reduce inflammation and soreness, the dermatologist can then prescribe the use of specific over the counter medications. If the acne is determined to be so extreme that it is unlikely to be successful over the counter medication, then the dermatologist may give you a prescription for a stronger medication.

The doctor can inject medicine right into the cyst in cases where acne cysts may be evident and painful, to help alleviate the pain and help the cyst to heal. In other cases, to help dissolve the cyst and avoid significant scarring, the dermatologist will need to drain the cyst (this operation is also called acne surgery).