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Everything You Need to Know About Austin Funeral Home

A funeral home, funeral parlor, or mortuary, is an organization that offers funeral and burial services for the deceased and their immediate family. These services can consist of a funeral service and a wake, as well as the provision of a prayer room for the funeral. Many funeral homes also offer caskets, cremation urns, and memorial displays. Depending on your state, laws may regulate how these businesses operate. Have a look at Austin Funeral Home to get more info on this.

An embalming technician is often a part of a funeral home staff, as are embalming machines, and medical supplies used in the procedure. Cremation and burial procedures can be very complicated and dangerous, so the need for a trained, licensed embalming tech is important. There are several types of embalming, including: standard embalming; embalming gel; autoclave embalming; and customized embalming.

Disposable sharps are often used at a funeral home. These sharps contain hazardous substances that may prove to be fatal if improperly used. For example, blood from the stem of a live human artery can be a bloodborne disease, so all sharps should be sterile. Some states have regulations against the use of disposable sharps for burial or cremation, but more often than not they are simply not used, due to the fact that they are extremely hazardous.