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Finding a Good Dentist

Looking for a good dentist may not be easy as it sounds. At times, it can be as hard as finding a needle in a haystack! Compounding the problem is the presence of quacks and other illegal practitioners who may do more harm than good to your teeth.Learn more by visiting Ivory Dental Manteca, Manteca

To avoid trouble, don’t be ashamed to ask around. Your family, friends, neighbors or co-workers may come in handy with their recommendations. Other good sources of information are your family physician or local dental organizations like the American Dental Association (ADA).

Of course, it helps if you “shop” around until you find the dentist of your choice. This will ensure that you get the best possible care from the right person. If you decide to look around, here are some practical tips to consider:

Is your dentist a dentist? That may sound silly but many illegal practitioners abound and they’re responsible for a lot of horror stories you hear about dentistry! Check your dentist’s credentials carefully. Is his or her diploma and/or license prominently displayed in the office? What school did he or she graduate from? Is that person an ADA member or other professional organizations? When in doubt, don’t be ashamed to ask or you might regret things later.

Is the dentist easy to reach? Is he or she available when you need help? If you live far away from your dentist, you’re in trouble. It makes no sense going to that person if you have to cross four states or four rivers. By the time you get there, you may loose all of your teeth! Choose one that works right next to you if possible. That way, you save time, energy and money.

Does the dentist explain everything to you and take time to answer all your questions? Since you’re a paying customer, you have the right to know the kind of treatment you’re getting. A good dentist will patiently tell you in plain English what’s wrong with your teeth and what can be done about it.

Treatment options must be clear since this will help you decide the right course of action. If your dentist sounds Greek to you, go someplace else. A little misunderstanding can prove disastrous later, especially when it comes to oral health.

Is the dentist’s office clean, neat and orderly? You can’t expect good service from a dentist who wears dirty clothes or one who works in a meat locker. Professional dentists follow strict guidelines and universal safety procedures to prevent the transmission of the AIDS virus and other diseases. That’s why cleanliness is important because your health is on the line.