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Fire Engineering: A Long-Term Solution to Safety

For many years as a commercial property manager, I discovered that how a building or home is designed and secured through the fine practise of fire engineering is a major factor in fire safety. As of this writing, the United Kingdom is still extremely vulnerable to flames. This is a big concern because we are a well-educated nation facing an avoidable catastrophe. This type of engineering adds a lot of value to your business in addition to using high-quality fire protection equipment. Also, all businesses must be accredited with satisfactory fire prevention measures installed in their vicinity and workplaces under the Fire Safety Order (FSO) ratified in 2006, which requires all businesses to be accredited with satisfactory fire prevention measures installed in their vicinity and workplaces.Learn more by visiting Forklift Trainer Certification

In fire engineering, there are a lot of variables to consider. The goal here is to anticipate possible dangers and take preventative measures before the first stone is laid. This includes everything from the structure’s construction to the equipment used, as well as education about the hazards of smoke and carbon monoxide, the use of various types of fire safety equipment, and a variety of other important topics. As I am a very particular property manager, particularly when it comes to fire safety, I took a lot of notes as one of our fire engineers spoke about his points and why he suggests a certain design or procedure.

One major problem is that consulting with fire engineering providers comes at a reasonably high cost. However, this is only because this is a long-term, preventive approach. As the old adage goes, “what goes around comes around.” “Do you agree that information is costly? Try being ignorant.” This is valid in any situation. Ignorance is often a million times the cost of information. When we put out a real fire in one of the first buildings I controlled, we found that the harm caused by our own negligence was greater than the amount of money we should have spent on fire prevention and fire safety equipment. That was a good lesson for me to remember.

The best advice is frequently received by consulting with experts. For example, I was unaware of the value of carbon monoxide detectors at the time, and how dangerous they can be if a person is unaware of a burning stove because carbon monoxide is odourless. Another time, I purchased a large number of fire extinguishers for our properties without realising that various types of extinguishers are used in different circumstances. As a result, I had to reinvest. I’d say it was well worth it by the end of my property management career.

Some investments, believe it or not, are genuinely important, and protection is something that cannot be compromised, according to the lessons I’ve learned. Not only does safety protect your properties and citizens, but it also has the power to protect you. Make sure your workplace is well-protected and insured by consulting with a fire safety specialist as soon as possible.