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Guide To  Silver Spring Home Care

Home health care service refers to supportive health care or medical care given by an adult caregiver in the person’s home, rather than health care provided at a clinic or nursing home. This can be very beneficial for older adults, but it can be a challenge for the younger generation as well. Homecare is often referred to as domiciliary housekeeping, care or social care. It differs slightly from assisted living in that those providing health care services are under the direct supervision of licensed professionals and/or the elderly resident may have more extensive medical care. The services include bathing, dressing, helping with everyday personal hygiene, medication reminders, medication monitoring, medical history/pediatric information, medical procedures, and managing routine medical conditions such as arthritis, diabetes, hypertension, and other similar conditions. Services also include assisting with everyday activities including eating, transportation, and medication management.Do you want to learn more? Visit Silver Spring Home Care.

If you need help but cannot afford to hire a full-time home health aide, there are a number of qualified and willing nursing care services who would be glad to extend their services to you for an extra dose of personal care. Nursing home care services provide daily personal care services. These include bathing, taking vital signs, checking pulse rate, dispensing medications, and helping with personal hygiene. Some services offer more extensive personal care such as helping with dressing, helping with exercising and shopping, and preparing meals.

To be eligible for Medicare or Medicaid, a home health care service must meet certain requirements, including offering non-medical and non-supply services, providing care in an environment that meets acceptable safety and quality standards, and responding quickly when needed. Services may also be licensed by the state in which the individual received coverage through an employer, trade union or independent agency. Participants in Medicare and Medicaid programs may need to show that they receive income support and are in need of aid due to a medical condition. Even after you meet certain criteria for Medicare or Medicaid, you may still qualify for a free, no-cost, no-obligation visit from an elderly Medicare or Medicaid provider.


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