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How To Make A Career As A Professional Personal Trainer

Did you ever wonder?

Could personal education actually be a career?

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As a personal trainer, how much money will I make?

How am I going to make a profession out of personal training?

Is there a differentiation between a personal trainer and a workout expert?

What is the fastest way for my fitness career to be built?

From part-time to full-time to specialist

That’s the road that all of us take.

The other day, I overheard my mate, a trainer, speak about how he came to be a personal trainer. Like most of us, he began part-time, was able to build up to full time after a bit, and is now doing his work as a very good trainer.

My trip was quite close! “didn’t have any money”didn’t have any money.

Most personal trainers are the same, I suspect. Yeah, some of us went to college for personal training out there (and that pattern is growing fast), however for similar reasons, most of us naturally gravitated towards the industry;

“I can’t work behind a desk!”Behind a desk, I can’t work!

“I love working with people and helping them reach their goals!”I love to collaborate with people and help them accomplish their goals!

“I love working out, being active, and playing sports!”I love to work out, be active, and play sports!

Where does this love come from for wellness, nutrition, and exercise?

It is also focused on our own experience with exercise’s transformative forces. Personally, with an amazing profession and celebrity clients, I went from a scrawny, timid, fearful kid to a successful, comfortable, fit, and confident personal trainer.

And you, too, will!

You will have a really good career in this field as long as you have that drive, remain dedicated to investing in yourself through continuing education, and have a genuine willingness to support individuals. Recently, I have heard trainers inform me that they are disappointed with their organization and require more buyers. They hardly work or work part-time and just just want to support more persons.

I hope you are inspired by the fact that most trainers began the same way, if this sounds like you! Up until 2 years into my workout career, I did not exercise full time (I was a full-time student in college at the time).

Concentrate on supporting people and the wealth that comes

Take things one move at a time if you are just getting started. And if you already have one customer, strive hard to regularly meet the needs of that customer, and more customers will arrive. Our industry is practically booming right now, along with the average belt size of our country, the amount of people who need your support is exponentially increasing;

O The personal training industry expanded by 21 percent from Concept Health & Wellness, according to

1996 – 2000, and continues to increase, coincidentally, with the incidence of obesity in the United States, which has risen every year for the past ten years.

67 percent of Americans are either overweight or obese, according to the Centre for Disease Control!

O Not to note that there are lots of individuals who are actually very overweight with “skinny genes” (although these people are less likely to seek our help until later on when their bodies literally start breaking down.)

There is so much talent out there, but there are very few stories of effective personal trainers that have already blazed the way, because our business is relatively young and unorganized. As the obesity crisis explodes, our role is just moving to the center of our collective consciousness and the limitation of “sick care” (waiting until someone is already sick) is becoming more visible to the masses.