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How to Sell My House Fast Because of Divorce

Although the mainstream media reports that nearly half of all marriages end in divorce, the real figure is closer to 40%. In 2004, 37 percent of marriages ended in divorce, which rose to 38 percent in 2005.
States around the country are seeing a rise in divorce rates while also seeing a decline in marriages. Idaho is an excellent example of a state that publishes divorce and marriage results. see here
Idaho registered 6,922 divorces in 2004, increased to 7,126 divorces in 2005, and then to 7,500 divorces in 2006. The number of marriages in Idaho decreased year after year during the same years (2004-2006). There were 14,997 marriages registered in 2004, 14,935 marriages reported in 2005, and 14,811 marriages reported in 2006.
You should know that you are not alone if you are going through a divorce, regardless of where you live. There are several decisions to be made during a divorce, none of which are straightforward. There are financial decisions to make, family decisions to make, asset decisions to make, and so on.
What to do with your house is likely to be the most important financial and asset decision you and your soon-to-be ex can make. The majority of Americans consider their home to be their most valuable asset and largest investment.
Your house and divorce issue can be handled in one of two ways. One choice is to retain the house in one person’s name. The alternative is to sell your home quickly.
If one of you wants to keep your home, you’ll have to refinance it and share the equity with your partner. Since there is now just one income to cover the overall mortgage payment instead of the combined two, this approach is generally not the best option. Furthermore, if you refinance your estate, your new mortgage payment would be higher.
The alternative is to sell your home quickly. You essentially have three options for selling your home, and only one of them solves your selling problem easily.