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Re-Roofing or Replacement? – Ask Your Roofer

Roofs are constantly under pressure. Sunlight, strong winds, snow, heavy rains, and stormy weather are all factors that cause your roof to deteriorate over time. You may need to decide whether you need to re-roof or replace the roof entirely at some point. Using the services of a professional roofer can be beneficial. Replacement is an expensive endeavour that can be avoided if repairs are performed by licenced roofer contractors. Repairs are less expensive and require less time. If the roof deck is in good shape, you do not need to rebuild the whole structure.Do you want to learn more? Visit Clark Roofing & Siding Inc, Virginia Beach

If you want to repair your whole roof, you’ll need to set aside money and time for the project. You must also consider how you can dispose of the current shingles and other roof structures. It’s a costly and time-consuming operation.

While re-roofing could seem to be a more cost-effective and appealing option, a repaired roof may not last as long as a new roof. Whatever advice your roofer offers you, these signs point to the need for a new roof:

  1. The current roof’s decking is in poor condition.
  2. The current roofing has been exposed to a great deal of wear and tear and tends to be in poor condition.
  3. The roof has an excessive number of layers.
  4. The shingles have been eroded or the granules have been lost.

Roof repair is a costly and time-consuming undertaking. Repairs and re-roofing could be recommended instead by your roofer.