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Realities about Vin Verification

There is character 9 in the third segment of the VIN and it is referred to as the check digit. The check digit assists with the verification of the accuracy of the vehicle identification number.Have a look at QUICK VIN VERIFICATION – vin verification to get more info on this.

Character 10 indicates the model year of the vehicle. For character 10, a vehicle with a 2008 model year will use a “8” while a “7” will be used for 2007 model year vehicles. Sequential lettering was used by cars constructed between the years 1980 and 2000. A car built in 1982, for instance, would have a “C” for this character.The fifth segment is represented by the 11th character and indicates where the vehicle has been assembled. Such characters differ according to the manufacturer, and there is no set standard. A’ 5′ for a Ford, for example, indicates that the vehicle was assembled at AutoAlliance International in Flat Rock, Michigan, while a’ 5′ for a General Motors vehicle indicates that it was assembled at the Bowling Green Assembly Plant in Bowling Green, KY.The last six characters of the VIN are covered by the sixth and final segment. These characters are used to describe the serial number or production number and to provide information as to when the vehicle has rolled off the assembly line. These characters vary by manufacturer, as well.In short, although the vehicle identification number was standardised in a 17-character form in 1981 and made special for each vehicle, because of the different description methods used by the automobile manufacturers, it is quite difficult to decode a VIN. Helpful tip: In a VIN, the letters I, O, and Q never appear.For a variety of reasons, vehicle identification numbers, more frequently known as VIN’s, are used. Their primary purpose is to identify motor vehicles, but they are often used to monitor other things, such as registrations, insurance coverage, and even tickets for parking. A VIN is generally a small, rectangular metallic plate that is attached near the bottom of the windshield to the driver’s side of the dashboard. Vehicle identification numbers, such as the engine block, chassis, and transmission, can also be found on important components of a vehicle.