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Sedation Dentistry – An Info

Sedation dentistry, also known as an intravenous sedation dentistry, is a form of dentistry which involves the administration of sedatives through an intravenous route, usually to ease a patient’s anxiety associated with the dental procedure. While sedation dentistry has been around for a long time, it is only in the last few years that the practice has gained popularity. The increased popularity is due in large part to celebrities like Lindsay Lohan, who have been spotted at beauty spots wearing dentures that are wired with sedatives. The practice is popular among the young, as it offers a way to relieve anxiety surrounding dental procedures without the pain often associated with them. By clicking here we get info about Dental Anesthesia Associates, LLC. Dr. Arthur Thurm – Linwood sedation dentistry
Many patients seeking dental treatment are reluctant to undergo such invasive procedures for fear of the pain they may experience while under anesthesia. This is where sedation dentistry comes into play as it provides a way to alleviate the patient’s fears without experiencing any pain or discomfort. For instance, in the case of a tooth emergency, sedation dentistry can be used to help calm a patient before, during and after a tooth extraction. If a patient experiences severe pain following an implantation procedure or a root canal, sedation dentistry can be used to alleviate those feelings. This enables dental patients to enjoy their dental treatment with no worry.
Before taking a trip to the dentist, it is important that individuals thoroughly research any oral sedatives that will be used during the procedure. Though many dentists commonly prescribe nitrous oxide to patients before a procedure, the use of sedatives in dentistry has come under increased scrutiny in recent years due to news reports highlighting the dangers of using nitrous oxide as a form of pain relief. Dentists must be careful to prescribe nitrous oxide in accordance with local laws and regulations. In some instances, sedation dentistry may be prescribed to improve the quality of a patient’s oral sedation experience.