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Tax Preparation – An Analysis

Tax preparation is the legal process of preparing tax documents, typically income tax documents, for an individual other than the actual taxpayer, and in some cases for compensation to the actual taxpayer. Tax preparation can be performed by the individual with or without assistance from tax preparation services and tax software. In general, there are two methods to perform this task: paper and computer-based. Paper preparation usually involves the compilation of data and the formatting of individual return forms. You can learn more at All American Tax Service – Elgin Tax Preparation

Most taxpayers now prepare their own taxes using the computer method, as it saves time, reduces stress, provides information that is more accurate, and eliminates the need to hire a certified public accountant (CPA). The most common document prepared on the computer is the W-2 form, which provides basic information about an individual’s earnings and expenses for the previous year. The most popular computer program used for tax return preparation is Taxpayer Information Prepare (TIP), which can be accessed for free through a Access Database. Other popular programs used by many taxpayers include Tax Cut and Tax Maid, both of which are available for download from the IRS website. Both of these programs enable taxpayers to enter their information, review the forms, and determine how the information will be presented to the IRS for filing purposes.

Many taxpayers who file their own tax returns utilize a computer-based tax preparation service. These services usually charge a fee, but many people prefer to use them because they do not require a large amount of computer time or knowledge of the inner workings of the IRS. One of the most popular programs utilized by most taxpayers is TaxMaid, which is available free through the TaxCut website. TaxMaid enables the user to enter a variety of different information, including tax debts and income tax debt forgiveness, and then provides advice on how to proceed with the IRS. In general, these services make the tax situation of taxpayers much more manageable when dealing with the IRS.