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When to Hire Jensen Family Law?

Family is what ties us together, both genetically and by affection. Families split up all the time, and often all they need is something in writing to guarantee that their loved ones are safe. With the changing family system, an increasing number of people are finding legal security and guidance to help them take control of their lives. Family law is a broad collection of laws that deal with a variety of problems that today’s families face. Marriage, custody, wills and estates, and sexual abuse are also covered by the statute. Here are a few scenarios in which a family law attorney is needed. Learn more about Jensen Family Law – Mesa.


Prenuptial and postnuptial settlements are provisions agreed on by all partners prior to marriage that spell out what each party owns and will keep if the marriage ends in divorce.

Reconciliation is a type of family law that aims to help all parties come to an agreement about how to improve their union. Many partners sue for divorce if mediation does not succeed. Adultery, incarceration, sexual abuse, and irreconcilable discrepancies are only a few of the reasons for divorce in most jurisdictions. Many regulations often address joint partnerships between same-sex spouses and couples who do not choose to marry in the conventional sense.

Possession of a child

Custody disputes almost often necessitate the assistance of a lawyer. Custody is normally divided into two categories: shared and single custody. When both parents have equal contact with the infant, it is referred to as joint custody. Sole custody is where one parent has sole custody of their child. However, in certain situations, the non-custodial parent and the court must provide permission for the custodial parent to travel to another jurisdiction. Children under foster care, as well as guardianship, are considered to be in custody. Based on those requirements, the court assists in determining what is better for the boy.

Estates and Wills

A will is a formal document that a person creates to express his or her desires for property and/or other properties. When writing your will, it is important to follow the counsel of a legal representative to guarantee that your desires are carried out following your passing. Last will and testament, living confidence, and living will are the three forms of wills. A final will and testament grants beneficiaries their last wishes, including land, personal interests, and guardianship of minor children. If you don’t have a living will and testament, the judge will be able to make choices on you. A living trust is a type of trust that distributes property to its beneficiaries. A probate judge, unlike a final will and testament, is not required to recognise it. It could go on for years in arbitration, costing you a lot of money in solicitor and court costs. A living will addresses health-related concerns such as life support and health-care decision-making power of attorney.

Domestic Violence is a serious problem.

All is harmed by domestic abuse. Abuse is never acceptable. Domestic abuse legislation exists to shield women and men, young and elderly, against domestic violence, regardless of their social background. They frequently defend those who have been wrongfully convicted of sexual abuse. Family attorneys will assist with restraining orders, securing housing, and defending others who have been wrongfully charged.

Also relatively simple legal matters can be frightening. It is important to safeguard yourself and your family. It is important to have a solicitor that is reliable, compassionate, and capable of guiding you through the legal system.